Wedding Invitation Mix & Match Pocket Fold with A1 RSVP Envelope, made from magenta, orange gold elephant print paper, gold lining

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Elephant Paper Base Color Magenta
Set of 10

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Samvadiya offers handmade pocket folds for wedding invitation of your choice.

This pocket-fold can be an excellent enclosure, made from a natural paper (lovey Indian orange) with a gold elephant imprints. Please note this decorative paper tends to be light weight however it has a natural handmade paper texture.

PLEASE NOTE that the gold lining is attached to cover paper at the base pocket and back flap. At the front flap it stays free but aligned to the lining due to the ribbon. This is by design so that lining provides the body it needs but is also lets you feel the beautiful texture of the elephant paper. Please ask us for a product video if you need it.

Set Includes:
Approximate size of the pocket fold: 5 ¾ ” X 5 ¾ ”
Lining: gold metallic paper
RSVP envelope, lined with gold liner (fixed) : A1/ 4 bar size

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Turnaround time 2 week