Why Paper?

Why Paper

Digital info vs Creative Expression

Samvadiya thinks, not everything is an email, not everything is a text, some words need to be touched by fingers, held by hands, hung on walls and kept hidden in trunks for years. That's where paper finds its place. We differentiate between information and expression.
Digital creations are to look at and paper expressions are to be seen and touched. If you have something important enough, choose Samvadiya!

(That's why paper.)

Why Paper

Taking written notes to the next level

Email: Type it, size it, color it, send it. Sits in the inbox.
Digital cards: Type it, design it, send it. Sits in the inbox.

Physical paper creations:
Create it, print it on a unique paper or calligraph it with a ink, add beautiful touch may be perfume it - mail it! Just a different way to communicate.


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