Samvadiya Invitation Mailing Guide

Putting it Together

Put a day aside with family members to assemble the invitations, address them and stamp them. The memories we create in these activities are priceless and your guests will see the personal touch! A hand addressed envelope by a family member is an expensive gift to a relative and that’s what makes the guests cherish the invitation and save it for years. Consider adding a personal note to each guest along with the invitation.

Outer Envelope

Samvadiya highly recommend using an outer envelope. But there is no right or wrong if you didn’t. Outer envelope will protect the invitation suite from any unwanted marks during the mailing journey.

Mailing Costs

Expect a simple invitation with an RSVP card and RSVP envelope printed on card stock to be between 1 oz and 2 oz. USPS prices for basic postage can be found here.
There is upcharge for square invitations, no bend requirement, seals etc. Some 3D elements such as tassels etc. can make the invitation be treated as a package and not a simple letter, which may be subjected to different pricing.

Panel invitations or invitations with multiple inserts that are contained in a folder will likely amount to an ‘invitation package’. Anything that has thickness (greater than 1/4th inch thick) may be treated as a package. Final postage depends on several elements such as weight, thickness, 3D elements such as seals, tassels, manual/automated processing so it is best to assemble one invitation and have the post office assess the cost for you before you carry everything there on the day of mailing.

At Samvadiya, we can create very elaborate invitations that could be forever etched in the memory of the receiver, but we do not hold ourselves hostage to complexity. A simple single invitation with an RSVP card has the same potential to impress just as a full suite ensemble.

Mailing Day

USPS offers a free of cost package pickup service if you have them ready with stamps or postage and be waiting for them during the workday. Alternatively put them in a box and take them to your closest post office, preferably at a low traffic time.

Few more things you can explore

USPS Stamp Options
USPS shopping store offers a wide variety of stamps to choose from. Custom stamps option was discontinued by USPS.

Hand Cancelling option:
Hand-canceling means your wedding envelope is marked or stamped manually instead of an automatic machine. Hand-canceling is done to avoid wedding envelopes from being damaged from the postage processing machine. USPS charges extra for manual processing.


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